Friday, 1 July 2011

My Mother and the Magic Beans – Silvia Alejandra García

A white pill for the thyroid and a yellow big one for the high blood pressure; a long white one looking like a little rectangular piece of soap for the gout; a maroon one, vitamins; a white oval pill, tranquilizer; a little green pill, antidepressant; half a pink pill, for her nerves; a light blue one, magnesium; an oval capsule for cholesterol; one dark green pill, energizing; a white round one to tame the appetite and the last one, calcium. She starts sowing them in her organism when she gets up and keeps doing so till she goes back to bed.
One by one, they indicate how the day passes. They drive her through safe lanes to a finish line that she wouldn’t reach with no pills. The magic clears when she goes to sleep. The next day she wakes up just like the day before and she needs to start all over again.

Original title: Mi madre y las habichuelas mágicas

Translation: Alex Jamieson

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