Saturday, 28 May 2011

As I consider myself to be a good psychologist I decided to help him - Antonio Jesús Cruz


As soon as I saw him on the bridge with lost look and the confused face I knew he needed help. As I consider myself a good psychologist I decided to help him. I approached, offered him a cigarette and we spent long hours talking, leaning on the railing.
It was almost dawn when I pressed the trigger. I supported his body on my shoulder and fired for the second time to his head. Then, with a push I threw him to the river. I walked away with serene steps and with the satisfaction of the fulfilled duty. There is nothing that satisfies me more than helping the undecided suicides.

Original Title: Como me considero un buen psicólogo decidí socorrerlo.
Translator: Antonio Cruz

Taken from: Simbiosis (Spanish version)

Taken from: Ficciones argentinas (English version)

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