Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Deadly black tarantula – Héctor Ranea

Its being so long that people at Gentemorta, in Italy, dance to heal the poisoned ones from the deadly bite of the infamous spider named tarantula: The deadly black tarantula, as you probably had heard in the song. All the people in town dance feverously, tenaciously and that, so they say, will protect the attacked from the venom
Unfortunately, this strategy did not always work.
The people of Gentemorta, a dead town in Italy, have been dead for two centuries now. They continue to dance all right, but they are healing ghosts that did not heal anyone. You might join them in dance, they would welcome you, but you’d better look under your boot soles to find the black spider waiting for you. Only the dead dance free.

Héctor Ranea 

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