Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Alien dimension - Adriana Alarco de Zadra

From Mars, the agents are trying to communicate with the passengers of a ship with pre-planned routes. But it is useless, nobody answers. 
They do not dare to assume that it has fallen into a black hole of antimatter space or that it has stopped somewhere not planned for in the route. No pilot in his sane mind disobeys instructions of the interplanetary agency because it would be an inconceivable and suicidal plan as well as unprecedented. 
While searching for the lost ship with radars, magnetic waves and telescopes, imperceptible under the light of the multiple moons, a ship approaches to the planet. The agents discover it because of the changing atmosphere as it halts and lands on the arid and volcanic surface. It is covered by a layer of volatile matter which has enveloped it in space during its flight. The ship has traveled brimming with unusual movement: inside, voracious larvae and worms fertilize and multiply. 
As a flying threat in an artifact that has landed without guide or command, the unknown organisms feed on organic and inorganic material to transform afterwards into monstrous beetles eaters of everything around, even if it comes from the black hole in an alien dimension. 
Under the terrified eye behind the telescope, the ship will soon disappear gobbled up by the fierce jaws. Then, when there will be no more on which to feed, the devouring jaws will discover afar the air base with its occupants who follow their process through incredibly powerful lenses. And that will be the end.

Translation: Adriana Alarco Zadra 
Original tittle: Dimensión alienígena

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