Saturday, 18 June 2011

Remembering Judas - Octavio Aragão

These days everybody have a weapon. Mine is a hypnotic power that might connects me with a dozen people or more. That makes me a perfect choice for a Messiah since I can make’em think exactly what I want them to for at least a couple of minutes. Believe me, two minutes are a lot when all you want are their souls. The curious thing is that I didn’t want to be a Jesus, I rather be on the other side. I’d never knew what I woud do with souls, but I knew exactly what to do with money and I made so much last year that I feel a little less greedy today. I’ve been thinking about retiring and teaching my technique to some kind of pupil, someone who could follow my path of richness. I think that maybe had enough. What? Do you want to know how it works? It’s easy. Do you have two minutes?

Original title: Recordando Judas
Translation: Octavio Aragao

Octavio Aragao

Versión en castellano

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