Monday, 13 June 2011

Flying as Birds - Adriana Alarco de Zadra


In Wonderland the character was given a top hat. He put it on without fear and decided to fly, maybe it was magical and, anyway, it formed part of a story. He noted that the energy of the hat on his head pushed him up to higher places, over the mountains, towards dangerous, abrupt places. Looking down from the perspective of the birds, he did not feel the wind between his fingers or on his face, nor did he feel afraid of the heights. It was wonderful!
When Wright took off the hat he was still sitting on the couch
"Congratulations!", cried his brother, "you’ve invented a new way to travel!"

Original title: Volar como las aves
Translation: Adriana Alarco de Zadra

Versión en castellano

Adriana Alarco de Zadra

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