Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Olympic Metamorphosis - Sergio Gaut vel Hartman

“I feel so anxious,” said Helen, shaking her long hair. She was an amazing beauty, with eyes as blue as the Aegean and a mouth that evoked the taste of apples.
“You should seek professional help,” suggested the brawny, bearded man accompanying her in this bar at the port of Piraeus.
“Do you think so? I’ve tried everything, but these modern sciences just don’t have me convinced. They’re so… ambiguous. It’s not like before, when one word could transform the universe.”
“You have to accept the facts, dear: Don’t go to therapy, and you’ll never get over the guilt that whole Trojan War thing left you with.”
And, quickly following word with deed, Zeus turned himself into a couch.

Original title. Metamorfosis olímipica
Translation: Jamie Hershing

Versión en castellano

Sergio Gaut vel Hartman

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  1. Al final de cuentas un dominado el Sr. del Olimpo jajjaa. Muy bueno Sergio!


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