Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Sphere Field - Adriana Alarco de Zadra

The terror I feel is making my cells dissolve. They are becoming increasingly thin and transparent. I must find a place where to take refuge. I’m feeling so sick that if someone tells me I’m dead I wouldn’t be surprised.
There is less territory on Earth and is still diminishing as the storms ravish the territory. The humans are desperately looking for places to survive, on ships that float, fly or go underwater. That is how they found refuge in this area of the depths. I’m not saying that they will become like us, harmonic and simple. I don’t have that inner hope, but they probably will imitate our customs as soon as the Earth’s surface becomes smaller… and smaller. The Sphere Field has limits and they cannot survive under water without their suits that cover, protect and help them think, and, speaking the truth, which are more capable than themselves. 
As I figured, chaos and devastation starts already in the area. There is little space for so many of them so they break each others’ suits, the only thing that covers and protects them, with sharp knives. The red fluid they carry inside flows out in jets and they bite each other with fury and rage. They want to survive with the virtues of the others of their same race. This is how they will think the same thoughts; they will grow with their same genes; they shall fulfill with their same happiness. 
The fierce capacity of human beings who are fighting for their lives is unprecedented and takes them all on the same track. Some disappear to feed the other ones. 
There is nothing new under water.

Adriana Alarco de Zadra

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