Tuesday, 7 June 2011

From Being to Nothing – Sergio Gaut vel Hartman & Lola Carreño

“Take me away from here; wipe me from your agenda, and from your mind!” The lady vociferating here, rabid to the point of spitting foam, had been summoned to appear in one of my stories. It’s true, she hadn’t asked to play a character of mere second rank – but, in order to become a literary star and protagonize a novel, one has to start at the bottom, wouldn’t you agree?
“Is that really what you want?” I said, looking at her with compassion.
“Yes, right now! Or else!”
“As you wish.”
I sat before the keyboard, opened the file and, using the ‘search and replace’ command, changed the name ‘Barbara’ to ‘Jimena’ and the matter was settled.

Original title: Del ser a la nada
Translation: Jamie Hershing


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