Saturday, 4 June 2011

Terror in the night - José Vicente Ortuño

"My husband wants to kill me," the woman told to the policeman.
“Do you have any proof?”, he said.
She showed the bruises he had across the body.
"This should fix it", he said.
“Are you going to arrest him?” She said wistfully.
"No", replied him, then drew his baton and hit the woman until death.
“Whores, all of you are bloody whores!", exclaimed the policeman. The woman lay dead at his feet.
Suddenly a dark figure rushed at him and put a knife on his neck.
"Don’t move", whispered the stranger. “That you have done is wrong, very wrong.”
The police issued an unintelligible yelp and urinated in his pants. The baton fell to the ground.
"Don’t whine, did you had pity of her?”
The knife severed the jugular. The blood flowed and the stranger drank it with delight, while the policeman body convulsed to death.
"Wasting food is really bad", said the predator, going away from the scene of his latest crime and searching another victim.
He soon discerned a figure walking without hiding among the shadows. She was a young woman. Thinking in her fresh and nutritious blood makes him salivary. The dam stopped in an alley. He crept behind. She turned.
"I was looking for you”, she said, her voice was icy cold. Then she looked at him with eyes deep and cold, like two bottomless pits. Meanwhile a disembodied hand entered in his chest and gripped his heart. Then he realized the horror of their victims facing Death.

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