Saturday, 28 May 2011

Games of Seduction - Juan Romagnoli

Daniel’s friends consider him an expert in matters of seduction, something he boasts of widely (in his own words, the main secret to his method, his last resort, is to ignore his “victim” outright. He asserts that this behaviour is irresistible to beautiful women, who, such as they are, are extremely vain). On Saturday, as is their custom, his friends put him to the test.
They invite him to a gathering which a certain lady he does not know will attend. They take it for granted that Daniel will try to seduce her, taking recourse to his most prized tactic. They hope that, this time, he will fail.
The lady, warned in advance, anticipates the move. Once introduced, she ignores him flatly. To the amazement of his friends, Daniel, on the other hand, treats her with courtesy.
The lady, deeply offended, capitulates.

Original Titlel: Juegos de seducción
Translator: Jamie Hershing


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