Saturday, 28 May 2011

Interplanetary parasites - Marcos Zocaro

With the two stars hiding below the volcanic horizon, the last of the flying insects initiates a dying and spiral descent to earth, stamping the end of all kind of life on the planet.Given this, the commander of the mothership congratulates the rest of the spaceships, thousands and thousands that populate the skies of this world on fire, by the success of the mission: all natural and energetic resources have been already consumed. Next, without losing more time, the leader of interplanetary parasites sets a new direction and a new target: the victim will be now Betelyun, a giant planet that orbit around the star Betelgeuse, a planet whose civilization may never be able to defended itself against the attack of the Human Empire.

Original Title: Parásitos interplanetarios
Translator: Marcos Zocaro

About the Author: Marcos Zocaro

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