Monday, 30 May 2011

Woman on the Moon – Javier O Trejo

Raquel Armstrong went to the Puna to work as the Elementary School teacher. The first impulsive enthusiasm was eroded by the solitude and shortages of all sorts. The fallow landscape, stone sown reminded her, her own deepest feelings. At night, with stars and moonlighting, she would got the balm that encouraged her to keep going on. The relief came to its maximum expression during the nights of full Moon. She then walked to the nearby lagoon and stayed for hours looking at the Moon’s reflection frozen in the water’s surface. She thought to climb to the Moon even if it were with Calvino’s staircases. One night, without knowing why, she plunged to the freezing waters to float over the image, and then she was the woman on the Moon.

Translation: Héctor Ranea

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